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 The Chit-Chat Board.

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PostSubject: The Chit-Chat Board.   Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:37 pm

For all your more casual/smaller topics, talk about them here!

Of course, all the obvious forum rules still apply in chit chat, but I want to stress the main ones here.
Chit chat doesn't mean you can post spam/junk posts here, this will get you banned.
Make sure your posts have something to contribute to the conversation.
Even if your post is beyond this, make sure it has something to do with the conversation.
If it's something random and not a conversation at all, this will get you banned.
Make sure to use sentences (capitalizations and periods), this is not AIM, this is a forum, so make your post as presentable as possible.
This isn't the "hi everyone ... bye everyone ... what's happening" thread. This is a topic thread where we talk about things. Those comments are best left to messenger or PM.
And if you want to know what's happening, look back a couple/few pages to find out. Stay on topic. If there isn't a topic, start a new one instead of complaining or asking what should the new topic be.
And don't complain about the thread being dead: that is spam.
Punishments include temp bans (days, weeks, or months) or permanent bans depending on how serious the offense is.

This will make the TCCB a better thread if we all follow the rules. Thanks.

And finally, for the love of Pokemon Supernova, do not talk about sex.

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The Chit-Chat Board.
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