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 Moveset Requests.

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PostSubject: Moveset Requests.   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:29 am

I've set up this thread for anyone in need of a quick opinion, something you can turn to if you are momentarily stuck on what moves to learn or teach to your monsters, or for anyone who's found a good strategy tidbit, and would like to share it with others.

This thread is NOT to be used for full-out team reviews; please keep those seperate, the pages would be much too cluttered to be truly efficient otherwise.

Okay, now that that's established, I'll start things off wth a moveset conflict I'm currently having. My Alakazam in LeafGreen at the moment knows: Role Play, Calm Mind, Recover, and Psychic -- all of which are moves I like. I am wondering, though, whether or not I should teach it Thunder Wave (via Move Tutor) and/or Trick, and if so, over which of his current moves?

EDIT: for best results, and to make yourself look better, please use the following format:

*[Pokemon's Name]
-EV Distribution:

You don't have to use this verbatim, but just use something that makes your request easier to grant. Not to mention that it's pain to see half-arsed efforts when making movesets; it dissuades people from giving you help and you may just be forgotten due to the lack of credibility of your posts. Most of all, it's an eyesore to see something that looks like something conjured from an instant message.

~ NegaZodiac.
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Moveset Requests.
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