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 Art Rules.

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PostSubject: Art Rules.   Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:25 am


Graphics Rules
Before posting, please read these rules carefully.

General Rules:

• We have the Artists’ Lounge for a reason; please hold all art related discussion in there rather than flooding this forum.
• Please refrain from creating new threads just to request artwork, a.k.a., request threads. If you want to request something from one of our artists, please visit their shop (if they have one open).
• Please refrain from creating threads just to present one or two pieces of art. If you want to present something, either make a showcase, or use the Graphics Rating Thread.
• Please keep all Photoshop/GIMP related questions in the Photoshop Help Thread/GIMP Help Thread.
• When posting a Showcase or a shop, please do not take someone's artwork and take it as your own work. It is okay to just let someone know that you like their work, but by all means - art theft is strictly prohibited.

Shops & Showcases:

• As of now, the subtext in the Graphics forum states that shops/showcases need to be approved before they will appear. Until further notice, this is not the case, and your shop/showcase will appear as soon as you create it. However, your shop/showcase will be closed if you fail to abide by these rules.
• All shops/showcases must include at least five examples in the first post (the post created when you make the thread).
• If you create a shop, you must limit the amount of people you can do requests for at one time to a reasonable amount (seven is the maximum). Please indicate this number using slots. For example:

Slots: Open!
- Motsuko
- Oni Raichu
- Sydian

• When commenting in someone else’s showcase/shop, use constructive criticism. If you tell somebody you don’t like one of their pieces, please make sure to tell them why you didn’t like it, and what they can do to improve it.

If you have any questions, please contact the current Graphics moderator(s):
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Art Rules.
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